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Thermal cake drying

Heating plates for thermal cake drying (TCD)

Thermal cake drying is the latest addition to our range of filter plate products. During thermal cake drying, the filter cake undergoes dewatering and drying in the filter press. By using thermal cake drying (TCD), a dry substance content of over 90% can be achieved. Subsequent drying of the filter cake, generally performed in thermal dryers, is therefore unnecessary. Investment in TCD technology is relatively inexpensive and it provides savings on energy and dewatering costs.

The TCD system is made up of membrane filter plates and heat exchanger plates that are inserted alternately within the filter press. The heat exchanger is made from a plastic plate with metal coverings on each side. Saturated steam is used to warm the exchanger plates up to 120°C. The fast transfer of heat to the filter cake creates a line of vapour at the surfaces of contact. This vapour then seeps through the cake forcing out water from the pores. The membrane plate presses the cake against the heat plate to optimize the transfer of heat. The pore water and vapour is discharged via the membrane plate.

Advantages of thermal cake drying

  • Mechanical dewatering plus thermal drying in a single unit
  • No need for downstream drying procedures/units
  • Enables extremely high dry content
  • Reduces dewatering costs
  • Relatively low investment cost, use of existing filter press
  • Energy savings

Technische Daten

SizesUp to a maximum of 2x2m.
Feed eye positionCentralised feed, corner feed, external feed eye. Other feed eye positions can be provided according to individual requirements.
TemperaturesThe TCD plates are suitable for temperatures up to 120°C.
MaterialsThe TCD component is made from steel and plastic. The body plate is made from a plastic material of modified minerals with highly stable thermal properties. The metal coverings act as thermal conductors for optimal thermal transfer to the filtrate cake.

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